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The T-shirt is one of the most commonly used types of dress for both men and women. It is the cotton-like flexible fabric that makes people fall in love with T-shirts. It is a commonly bought costume that they are always at the top of our lists in the wardrobe. T-shirts have always been dear to us, and so here we are going to talk about the history of T-shirts. The story of when and how they came into existence.

History of the T-shirt

First use of T-shirts:

The US is the first place to employ the usage of T-shirts. The people who belonged to the navy wore a T-shirt beneath whatever they wore as uniform. Many people started preferring to wear these T-shirt as they were made out of lightweight material and it was comfortable to wear. So it was the comfort of the costume that brought it out to the surface and became the reason for its reach. The most intriguing part of a T-shirt is its name. A name always has a reason, and it is the shape of the shirt that gave it the name T-shirt. A dress that became popular during the Spanish-American war was later adopted into the dictionaries in the year 1920.

The printed ones aren’t new:

As early as in the year 1942, we have had T-shirts that came out with prints and were sold around the nook and cranny of the world. People who love T-shirts have always been bragging about the fact that they wear T-shirts that come with graphical impression and the same is an advanced technique employed on T-shirts. But these advancements have already been witnessed in the year 1942 and from then on graphics shirts have always been on the trend. It was one of the other reason that promoted the sale. Kids always wore the T-shirts that had the impression of their superheroes, or the cars that they loved. The graphical printing is though, in the advanced stage of the same today, the technology was pioneered about 75 years back.

Types of T-shirts that are available today:

Today a large range of T-shirts are available for both men and women. They have been given different names and have been classified into types based on the sleeves, collars, design and neckline. While these three being the most common factors that stood as a difference between T-shirts, some types are based on the presence of pocket, the design on shirts add in strips, dots and prints etc. Though looking at it superficially we do not find much of a difference. But people are very particular about the type of T-shirt that they are buying, and doorways go with the same type. There are about 10 different types of T-shirts that are classified under the names that we saw earlier.

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