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Shoppers at Warringah Mall now have instant access to the best in-centre deals, with a new iPhone app, QuickerFeet, designed to deliver instantaneous, up-to-date in-store promotions to opt-in customers.

Developed in Sydney, Australia and supported by Warringah Mall through AMP Capital Shopping Centres, QuickerFeet allows shoppers with an iPhone to download the app, which enables shoppers to view deals being offered by stores in their immediate vicinity. Shoppers will also have the advantage of being the first to know about nearby deals through the apps real-time alerts.

The free locations-based app, is now live on the App store allowing shoppers to set the ‘radar’ for deals being offered by stores in their area and discover deals within a radius from a kilometre up to 100km.

QuickerFeet gives shoppers an edge in the hunt for a bargain as they will be one of the first to hear about new deals or promotions.

QuickerFeet App Features
Free: QuickerFeet can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.
Location-based: The app works as a live feed that updates with new deals and promotions as retailers post them. Shoppers set the app radar settings to view what deals are around them, either in the feed or on the map. QuickerFeet provides directions to each deal’s location.
Shoppers can tailor the app to their interest: QuickerFeet can be tailored to a shopper’s favourite shops so they are among the first to know about a deal.
No fuss: Shoppers simply make the purchase in-store by showing their notification so disappointment is never experienced.
Shoppers can share deals with friends: QuickerFeet lets shoppers share deals via Facebook or Twitter.